Building Community in the Yukon

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Sharing in farm work is a community tradition that lets you know your neighbours and feel a sense of purpose and belonging. Growing and processing food is the most important activity we can engage in and yet, all too often, people are distanced from this act.

Every year, we make an effort to help out at other local farms. Projects have included putting a new roof on a barn and stacking firewood for the winter, setting up and building chicken tractors, preparing garden beds and laying hoses, butchering chickens, turkeys or goats, or cleaning out the greenhouse to get ready for winter.

chicken tractor


Sharing food and laughter are always an important part of these gatherings!

There's lots that individuals can do to make a difference. We all need to take responsibility for the kind of society we want to be a part of. Lending a helping hand to our neighbours is one of the best ways to build community. So is participating (as a vendor or a shopper) in the local farmers' market and making an effort to do our buying from local businesses.

When we support businesses owned by members of our community, those shopping dollars help ensure we continue to have choices, that our children and neighbours continue to be able to find jobs and that our community remains an active and vibrant place.

We can also support sustainable farming methods by buying our food directly from the people who produce it. Knowing the name of the person who grew your vegetables, beef, chicken or pork means you can ask questions and be sure that what you're eating had a life worth living - and makes us appreciate the important work done by farmers.

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